Crystal Lighthouse Ministry

Welcome to ALL!!!

Crystal Lotus Shoppe and the Crystal Lighthouse Ministry do not discriminate or judge anyone. Whatever your belief system, all are welcome.  This is a free discussion group.

We are not a Ministry that Preaches. We are a Ministry that allows our congregation to teach each other.  We use a roundtable method.  This is an open discussion group. We give you a topic and each participant, in turn, will tell what it means in their belief system.  We then open this to discussion.  Standing Rules do apply.  E.G. If you can’t see why someone’s point of view after a set time you agree to disagree, and we move on to the next person with a question.

It’s been our experience that most belief systems have a common ancestry.  It is our goal to expose those roots so people of all faiths can no longer feel alone.  But a cautionary note should also be made, that we are all part of the whole and no belief system is in any way superior to another.

We believe that whatever faith you were raised with, be it Christian, Pagan, Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American or another walk, ask yourself these questions:

Has your faith ever given you comfort when you were lost?

Has your faith ever given you comfort when you solace when you were grieving?

Has your faith ever given you comfort when you given you strength when you couldn’t take another step?

If your answer is YES to any or all of these questions, don’t throw away your core beliefs. Just because we sometimes become disillusioned with our beliefs because of inconsistences, doesn’t mean we have to toss it all.

It is MY personal belief that God the Creator never meant us to be so separated. That He never meant us to walk through this world with blinders on. When we do that, we are missing all the other miracles He created for us to see, feel and learn from. And that includes learning how we are all connected despite all of the diversity of our Religious and Spiritual beliefs.

We ask that you join us when we have our discussions.  Don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand.  We are all beings of Free Will as God has made us.  Education is power.  If you are strongly secure in your beliefs, we’d love to hear your story.  If you’re shaky in your beliefs, we’d love to hear why.  If you don’t know what you believe, come join us. Maybe you’ll find a cornerstone to start your journey from.

Starting in October, we will return to our discussions the first Sunday of each month from 2:00 – 4:00PM in the Conference Room at Crystal Lotus Shoppe.

Until then, may your days be bright with the light of the Son and your nights be lit by the stars of the Creator.  Something else to think about until then?  Your days may also be bright with the light of Ra and your nights be lit by Isis or Artemis, Selene and Hecate.