Our Mission

Crystal Lotus Shoppe started as a Metaphysical Gift and Supply. Over the last three years, we have grown and expanded our Services to include a Holistic Education Center and the Crystal Lighthouse Ministry.

Our Mission is to provide individuals with a place of Sanctuary.  We are a “No Judgement Zone”.  Religious beliefs, where you work, politics, financial status, race, creed, color, who you sleep with, what sex they are or why you sleep with them, do not mean anything about an individuals Spirit. It’s your life. We don’t tell anyone how to live it.  We do not allow bigotry, prejudice or condescension in the Shoppe, Ministry or Holistic Education Center.

Our Mission is to create a positive, non-judgmental zone where people can breathe.  We want to incorporate our positivity into the community for the benefit of all our neighbors.  Love, tolerance and compassion should never be set aside and replaced with hatred, judgement and complacency.  We live in a time that has been ravaged by negativity, war, desperation, and hopelessness.  It is up to all of to try to bring something good into the world.

Moving forward, CLS has set many, very high goals to support our Mission. The future holds a Ministry and Holistic Education Center that will be non-profit, allowing us to offer all Holistic Classes and Services free to the Community.

CLS believes that providing education for a healthy body, mind, and spirit is not just a Mission Statement.  It’s our goal to a more happy, productive life for people who have lost who they are or want to be, in this world.

If you would like to assist us in our Mission, please contact Shanna Neal at Crystal Lotus Shoppe with your ideas, expertise or financial donations to help bring our non-profit status to life.