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From a childhood creating mud and stick masterpieces, and lots of encouragement from her family and teachers, Jeannie’s artistic inquisitiveness continued through school, exposing her to many different types of media. The fire was lit, the desire to figure out “what would happen if” has created an endless intrigue about new ways to create patterns and colors, to experiment with different media, and always try new things with creative expression.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

Life has a tendency to sidetrack us from the things that we love to do, and Jeannie was no exception, after school she put away her artistic endeavors, starting a family of her own, joining the military, and pushing through the hustle and bustle of life. This left an unfortunate gap; through those many years, she left her creative side malnourished and begging for attention. Now as a veteran and a grandmother, she was afforded the time to pick up her pallet and resume her passion, exploring all the new ideas, and create some of her own along the way. With a rekindled interest she found herself releasing built-up stress and tension, finding a way to express what she couldn’t put into words.

Her Creative Expressions classes are designed to help you boost your inner voice and allow you to clear your mind, opening yourself to release those thoughts. Besides being purely enjoyable, sessions such as these are shown to have a wide range of therapeutic benefits, especially for those who are challenged by PTSD and similar anxiety-based issues.

With the explosion of technological progress, Creative Expressions sessions were developed to regain peace within ourselves. This small exploration has the capability to create grand-scale changes. Resolving tension and stress changes both how you work within yourself, but also in the world around you. It can change how you interact with your family, friends, community, and workplace groups, allowing you to be more open, less walled inside yourself.

The time spent with Jeannie in a Creative Expressions session allows you to boost your inner voice, clear your mind, and open yourself to exploring your thoughts. Studies have shown that creative expression leads people to live more authentic lives.

Prices for Services:

Base Session

$25.00 – 60-Minute Session*


$15.00 – Wood Work

*Note: Most sessions are all-inclusive of supplies. Some sessions may involve wood workpieces for which there is an additional charge over the base session charge.

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