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Welcome to Crystal Lotus Shoppe. We are a full circle Metaphysical gift and supply shop.

We start with education on the crystals, stones and herbs that we carry. We then teach the use of these products in healing and protection from outside influences such as negativity, environmental pollutants, and atmospheric disturbances. We have Workshops and Classes for the energy healing arts, meditation, sound therapy and a multitude of other fields. Graduates of these classes and workshops can then have the opportunity to offer their services to teach others.

Our shop currently offers the Services of Tarot Readings, Ko-Laim-ni and Reiki healing, Massage Therapy including Aura cleansing and Chakra realignment. We also have a Holistic Life Coach and organic, WV grown herbs, tinctures, mists and balms from WV Holistic Momma product lines.

Our store is small but expanding. We welcome input from our community members and those who are already trained in the higher consciousness fields. Stop by the shop and relax for a bit. Conversation is always welcome.