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Music and Mandala Workshop

The workshop explores using music therapeutically and creating the ancient art form of the mandala for personal and spiritual growth. In this mostly experiential workshop, participants will be guided to “travel” to their inner spaces with music and then draw an expression of the experience. Drawing a mandala is easy, fun and illuminating. We then discuss and interpret the colors and shapes as it relates to personal and spiritual growth and goals.


Sophia Morreale of www.musicheals.me is a Board-Certified Music Therapist, Guided Imagery and Music Practitioner and certified in Mandala Assessment. She is skilled in helping seekers identify, explore and express aspects of a person’s authentic self for healing and deepening spiritual connection. Visit http://musicheals.me/mandala/ for more information.

The class is $25.00. Seats must be paid in advance. Ms. Morreale is joining us, from California for this one day only.