Food for Thought

Recently, I have been asked several questions about anger and negativity and how to repel these energies with coworkers.

First thing I tell people is to stop and ask yourself, “What is MY part in the friction?”  Were you having an off day and answered a question impatiently?  Were you frustrated or angry YOURSELF and that came out in you answer?  Sometimes, we are so focused on all the items on our daily lists, any interruption to our concentration will be an intrusion.  We are impatient with our answers. Our attitude may be “ I don’t have time for this.”  Co-workers, often, take that energy to heart. Especially if it’s the first time they’ve sought you assistance.  They, then, get the impression in their minds that they have to be on the defensive whenever approaching you.   This causes negative energy when they enter your space that locks you both in a defensive bubble. 

How you resolve the issue is Completely up to you.  You can continue to anticipate negativity when the person is approaching.  You can adjust your energy to a more approachable positivity.  You could even initiate a conversation with them to try to resolve the issue.

Just remember this.  Some people thrive on conflict.  Their world is not complete until they have drawn others into their misery.  You can play the game or not.  The bottom line?  If you don’t try to resolve the issue you will continue to face negativity with this person.  If you try and they are still playing the game, you cannot change who that person is energetically.  This is something they need to WANT to do for themselves.  All you can do is try to teach by example.  Counter their negativity with your own high positive energy.  Help if you can with a problem.  If you don’t have the answers, introduce them to the person that does. (If you get the answer and bring it to them, then You are the one they will always come to.  YOU become their answer person.)

Think about it. And Feed your Energy Positive Food

A. V. Shanna Neal

Shanna, originally from New York, became a West Virginia transplant 30 years ago. After starting her first business in her 20's--and several since--she is certain that Crystal Lotus Shoppe will be her last. Bookkeeper, Purchaser, Marketer, Manager, Legal, and so much more, the many hats that she wears seem to always keep growing. Surrounded by excellence, she has many lofty goals for CLS, some of which she feels will definitely be accomplished. Exercise and healthy eating proponent (who occasionally eats pizza for convenience), she hopes more people find the time to stop in at CLS and experience the calm, loving atmosphere that is sometimes vibrating with laughter and craziness.

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