Introduction to Crystals

Meditation, protection, Chakra clearing and activation, as well as raising energy in personal space, crystals have a variety of uses in spiritual practice. Introduction to Crystals explores how these stones have been revered through the ages. Learn how to tell real stones from man-made, discuss how to cleanse stones energetically, identify unknown stones, how to protect stones from environmental harm, and more.

Egypt, Greece, Rome, Atlantis, Scandinavia and the ancient British Isles–stones have been revered throughout the ages and across continents and oceans. Participants are encouraged to bring personal crystals.

Come Join the Fun to unlock the joy of working with Crystals

$25.00 Per Class

Working with Crystal Skulls

For some the words “crystal skull” evoke images of Indiana Jones and Sha Na Ra, out to save the world from destruction, but for many crystal skulls are a tool for guidance, energy work, and inspiration. With skulls believed to have healing powers, provide a boost to psychic abilities, and more, the intrigue and mysticism of their powers is captivating. History and Practices of Crystal Skulls discuss these powerful and beautiful works of art–from fact to fiction, myth and folklore, as well as discussing their use in various civilizations throughout history—we delve into their supernatural and cultural significance. In addition, this is also an open forum for all things to do with crystal skulls, including the opportunity for participants to share their own crystal skull practices and information for those interested in getting started with crystal skulls on how to select the right skull for you.

Join Us for History and Practices of Crystal Skulls, an exciting opportunity for you to find out more about, share with others, and explore the exciting power that they have had through the ages!

Cost is $25.00