HELP & SAVE up to 20% Off

HELP & SAVE up to 20% Off

268,070 People
76,970 Children

According to Feeding America’s 2019 Map the Meal Gap Study, 1 in 7 West Virginians and 1 in 5 children in WV struggle with hunger.

That’s a lot of empty plates.

Crystal Lotus Shoppe Invites You to HELP & SAVE!

We want to help and we ask for your support. Bring in your non-perishable food items and we will give you 1% off per item donated (up to 20 items, 20% off) on Readings by Aeson Knight or regularly priced store merchandise.

Together we can make a difference. We look forward to seeing you in the store and hope to receive your support in our efforts to fight hunger.

For more information about Feeding America and to view the 2019 Map the Meal Gap Study, please visit