Food For Thought

Have you ever asked yourself “Why do I put up with crap from others?”

Ask YOURSELF these questions:

Are they trying to see what your breaking point is?
Are they angry or hurting and need to take it out on someone?
Do they know that you’re a timid person who detests confrontation?
Are they trying to assert control through fear?
How should you handle these outbursts and the disrespect associated with them?

If you’re an enlightened soul, you know that many people have issues with everyone and everything. When they reach their breaking point, they will find someone they can vent at. (I am guilty of this myself, occasionally.) It doesn’t matter if it’s your boss, husband/wife or a total stranger. If someone has reached that point, they can’t control themselves. They open their mouth to take a breath and everything just flies out.

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Rediscover Health: ‘Tis the Season for Stress

Another month of 2018 has come and gone. The holidays are getting closer, and our immune system has been challenged. Not only are we working our 9-5 jobs, but somehow we are adding more to our schedule than the rest of the months have seen. We manage to fit in holiday parties, shopping, cooking, traveling, cleaning, wrapping, decorating, and more shopping. We eat more, we sleep less. There is an increase in input and output that keeps us running so high strung that we tend to forget about taking care of ourselves.

The holiday season is one of the biggest anxiety-inducing times of the year. We tend to push our bodies more without giving back proper care. We worry about gift-giving and meal cooking. Oh, and the in-laws are coming to stay in that spare bedroom you haven’t cleaned since last year. That was a joke, but I hope you get the idea. For this time of year to be so magical, we put ourselves through an awful amount of stress.

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Rediscover Health: Cinnamon and Blood Sugar

It’s getting cold outside and the layers of clothes are starting to pile on. As we say goodbye to summer, we also say goodbye to our bathing suits and hello holiday goodies! Not only do we have to worry about the usual stress eating and sugar cravings, but now we have these cravings with sugar lurking behind every door. Literally. First, it is Halloween candy. Anyone else guilty of buying an extra bag of candy “just in case” but secretly you know it is yours?

Just as we finish up that extra bag of candy, Thanksgiving comes with pumpkin and pecan pie and an extra dollop of whipped topping. We eat until we sleep and wake up to eat again. Then, about a week after leftovers are gone starts the Christmas parties and family gatherings. As if we haven’t had enough pie, everyone is breaking out the sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, fruit cake, peanut butter fudge, and other baked goods. My ultimate favorite is ribbon salad, three layers of fruit and Jell-O goodness that my grandmother used to make when I was a kid.

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